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e: info@keepmovingforward.co.uk

James is an excellent representative of the Forever Living brand – thoroughly knowledgeable about the whole product range and presents himself in a very professional manner. He is dedicated to helping clients and will always deliver the best information and recommendations to treat the issues that clients have.

I was always a little reserved when it came to the Aloe products, but can safely say that thanks to James he has now made me a complete aloe addict to the point even my own Dog now takes aloe as part of his daily routine. The Clean 9 programme is fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to start on their health journey.

Clair Trebes

Affordable Printing Company Ltd

I have always suffered from hay fever and I spoke to James about this and he recommended me the Forever Living Bee Pollen. Thanks to James I no longer suffer from hay fever and I have been able to help others too šŸ™‚

Richard Ingham

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I couldn’t be more pleased with my results from the C9 Cleanse. I was really focused as I had a holiday with the girls to aim for – I lost 5lb and 19.3cm. I’ve stuck to healthy eating and kept the weight off for 2 weeks now and I plan to keep it that way. Would highly recommend!

Susanna Meek

I have been using ‘Forever Living’ products now for over a year for both my own needs, and for my pets (5 dogs). The various scratches and wounds that dogs can get running through the Suffolk countryside have been treated by Forever Aloe products which have accelerated healing and reduced infection.

I’m getting a lot of benefit myself from Aloe products for basic healthcare and cleanliness – and my wife gets a lot of relief from Aloe drink which is helping her to cope with drugs used to fight her arthritis.

James is always helpful and friendly, and I’d recommend anybody to him.

Graham Hill

Foxhall Solutions Ltd

I have used several Forever products over the last few years and would highly recommend all of them. I have used the Clean 9 twice for a cleanseĀ and kick start and not only did I lose weight, but all the symptoms that I suffer with IBS stopped.

I continue to use the shakes as a breakfast alternative as they are quick, easy and I know I am getting protein, vitamins and minerals – plus it is delicious! I also use the Bee Pollen for hay fever and aloe gel for cuts and bruises for myself and the family.

James is friendly, approachable and has many years experience of the products.

Jo Jarvis

Utility Warehouse

I have been training for a Triathlon for the last few months and have been having terrible issues with my knees and calf muscles following a hard training session. James suggested I use his Aloe Heat LotionĀ to aid and speed up the recovery post exercise. I was very unsure at first, but the effect are amazing and have truly affected my training times positively for the better.

Having used some of James’s other products I can now see the true benefits of using such a natural product.

David Drake

Senior Partner, Cunnington's Solicitors